How do I make a reservation for a float trip?

We do not take any reservations for float trips. We are first come first serve. We start putting boats on the water at 9 a.m. and our last put out time is 3 p.m.

What days of the week and times are float trips available?

Sunday-Saturday starting at 9 a.m. with our last put out time at 3 p.m.

Where do I check in to rent for a float trip?

Check in is at the counter inside the Riverview Resort and Country Store.

What is the cost of the float trips?

~The canoe is $60 for a five mile float
~A kayak is $50 for a five mile float

How many people will a canoe and/or a kayak hold?

All of the canoes are standard which will hold 2-3 people depending on the age and size. The canoes all have 2 seats and a third person could sit in the middle.
All of our kayaks are single person. We have sit on as well as sit in and these are also available to choose on a first come basis

Do you offer any floats longer than a 5 mile?

We offer an 8 mile float Monday-Friday. You will need to arrive before 1p.m. for an 8 mile float.

Do you supply life jackets?

The price of the canoe/kayak rentals include shuttle service, paddles, life jackets, trash bags and parking.

Do you offer shuttle service if we have our own boats?

We offer shuttle service if you have your own canoe or kayak for $35 per boat
We offer a shuttle for a person only for $10